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# Torch Package Reference Manual #

Torch is the main package in Torch7 where data structures for multi-dimensional tensors and mathematical operations over these are defined. Additionally, it provides many utilities for accessing files, serializing objects of arbitrary types and other useful utilities.

## Torch Packages ##
  • Tensor Library
    • Tensor defines the all powerful tensor object that provides multi-dimensional numerical arrays with type templating.
    • Mathematical operations that are defined for the tensor object types.
    • Storage defines a simple storage interface that controls the underlying storage for any tensor object.
  • File I/O Interface Library
  • Useful Utilities
    • Timer provides functionality for measuring time.
    • Tester is a generic tester framework.
    • CmdLine is a command line argument parsing utility.
    • Random defines a random number generator package with various distributions.
    • Finally useful utility functions are provided for easy handling of torch tensor types and class inheritance.
## Useful Links ##
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