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Hugo Portfolio Website

This repo contains a working static website written with Hugo, integrated with content coming from a DatoCMS administrative area.


First, install the dependencies of this project:

yarn install

Add an .env file containing the read-only API token of your DatoCMS site:

echo 'DATO_API_TOKEN=abc123' >> .env

Then, to run this website in development mode (with live-reload):

yarn start

To build the final, production ready static website:

yarn build

The final result will be saved in the public directory.


The goal of this project is to show how easily you can create static sites using the content (text, images, links, etc.) stored on DatoCMS. This project is configured to fetch data from a specific administrative area using the API DatoCMS provides.

This websites uses:

  • Yarn as package manager;
  • Webpack to compile and bundle assets (Sass/ES2015 JS);
  • datocms-client to integrate the website with DatoCMS.

The dato.config.js file

To convert the content stored on DatoCMS into local Markdown files that can be digested by Hugo, the datocms-client plugin requires an explicit mapping file called dato.config.js. You can read more about the commands available in this file in the official documentation.

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