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Python wrapper for the Fastbill API - public development halted for now

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Super thin Python wrapper for Fastbill's HTTP API developed by STYLIGHT.

Latest release:

fastbill 0.7.3

  • Bugfix release. In the case of an successful HTTP response without a valid JSON structure the wrapper would crash.
  • Tests which would catch this bug were not run due to test misconfiguration. This is fixed as well.

fastbill 0.7.2

  • Add configurable timeout to all API calls. The default timeout is 1 minute. This could lead to unexpected timeout exceptions, you'll need to handle.

fastbill 0.7.1

  • Bugfix release for name parameter.

fastbill 0.7.0

  • Warning: This release has a bug. The 'name' parameter will break on str types on Python2. Use 0.7.1 instead.
  • Potentially breaking change: Restructure fastbill module into package with each component having it's own module. Your imports may break.

fastbill 0.6.1

  • Added mock library to

fastbill 0.6.0

  • Breaking change: Don't throw a KeyError, but rather an AttributeError on FastbillResponse.currency property
  • Add pre- and post-request callbacks

fastbill 0.5.2

  • Added NOK to CURRENCIES dict.

fastbill 0.5.1

  • Support pickling of FastbillResponse objects. The link to the API connection will not be pickled though. API credentials will also not be pickled.

fastbill 0.5.0

  • Introduce name parameter to better distinguish FastbillWrapper instances.

fastbill 0.4.3

  • Bugfix release.
  • Calls to potential special methods like __unicode__ would lead to an erroneous Fastbill API call.

fastbill 0.4.2

  • Improved debug logging.
  • Deprecated `FastbillHttpError` Execption. Now only FastbillResponseError will be raised. FastbillResponseError will inherit from FastbillHttpError for the time being, but catching FastbillHttpError is deprecated. Use FastbillResponseError instead.
  • Improved testcase to check for failing API calls as well.

fastbill 0.4.1

  • Experimental: Improved FastbillResponse to allow ORM like object traversals. Use with caution.
  • Added property currency which looks up the proper ISO 4217 currency abbreviation when a CURRENCY_CODE integer is present in the response. An AttributeError will be raised when it's not present.


  • only supports JSON payloads
  • doesn't (overly) check for consistency of responses
  • doesn't convert date strings to datetime objects


  • requests
  • six (for Python 2/3 compatibility)


pip install fastbill


from fastbill import FastbillWrapper

# Construct the api client for Fastbill's automatic API

client = FastbillWrapper('fastbill_user', 'fastbill_key')

# You can also specify a service_url, in case you need Fastbill's core API instead:

core_client = FastbillWrapper('fastbill_user', 'fastbill_key', service_url='endpoint_url')

# Make requests, e.g. service customer.create


# Search for customer, subscriptions, etc...

for customer in client.customer_get(filter={'city': 'Munich'}):
    print customer

# But you can also see the full result

result = client.customer_get(filter={'city': 'Munich'})
print result.keys()

# Will give you 'CUSTOMERS'


Python wrapper for the Fastbill API - public development halted for now

License:MIT License


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