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Stylight handbook - tech setup for the site

Stylight handbook is a web site that describes how Stylight works and why. The source lives on github and is auto-published on every time a change is pushed.

Below are instructions for how to set up a local development environment. Useful for when you want to make many changes and test locally before pushing to github. See How to clone for more options on how to clone the Stylight model.

1. Install GIT

Here's how to install GIT.

2. Clone the repo

Tell git to download the handbook source:

git clone
cd handbook

You should now have the whole thing, including the file that you are reading right now!

The web site source files are under _docs, have a look! They are written using markdown (a simpler format than html). When you push to github, it will automatically convert the pages to static html and build the site

3. Install Jekyll and related tools

To test the site locally, you need to install jekyll (the tool that github uses to generate sites), which in turn relies on some Ruby stuff. But you can do all easily via Ruby bundler, like this:

First install Ruby if you don't already have it, for example via homebrew.

brew install ruby

Then install the Ruby Bundler gem, if you don't already have it.

gem install bundler

Next, tell the bundler to install all the gems needed (jekyll, github-pages, etc). They are listed in Gemfile in case you are curious.

bundle install

Congrats! You got the stuff you need. You should now be ready to....

4. Run the site locally!

Tell Jekyll to generate the site and serve it up:

jekyll serve --baseurl ''

Or if you are lazy you can use the run script (which just does jekyll serve)

That's it, your local copy of the Stylight handbook site should be up and running on http://localhost:4000

Every time you edit a source doc (under _docs) it will update the site automatically.

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How we do things around here



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