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My spacemacs configuration.

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My personal-layer based Spacemacs configuration.

I focus on customizing Emacs’s display in unique ways and making the most out of Spacemacs’s config framework.


See display layer for screenshots.

See config layer for keybindings.

Typical Emacs configurations.
Houses my pretty packages and display-related configuration updates.
Personal non-display packages.

See Migrating to Spacemacs Layers for further material on Spacemacs’s configuration system.


Backup and remove your .spacemacs file and clone to your home directory.

Icons, fonts, and ligatures require additional steps or you likely will experience strange unicode characters all-over.


The pretty-fonts pkg requires the Fira Code Symbol (download link) font installed. Any font can be used in-tandem, the link above is an extract of just the ligatures.


In the layers/display/packages.el, I make heavy use of all-the-icons. The easiest way to install it is running M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts. In that file you can customize which icons to include and change.


If you use Emacs as a daemon, have server? true in the leading lines of init.el. It is nil by default for users other than myself.


Style your font in dotspacemacs-default-font in init.el as normal.

Check out and modify theming changes in layers/display/config.el. I have Zenburn and Solarized-light themes enabled and configured already. Cycle themes with SPC T n.


My spacemacs configuration.

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