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Reliable Datagram Sockets Tools - rds-ping, rds-info, rds-stress

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RDS (Reliable Datagram Sockets) Tools:

rds-tools repo contains utilities like rds-ping, rds-info, rds-stress used with RDS sockets. Use help form each utilities for additional information on the options one can use with them.

RDS (Reliable Datagram Sockets)

RDS are a high-performance, low-latency reliable connectionless protocol for delivering datagrams. It provides reliable, ordered datagram delivery by using a single reliable connection between any two nodes in the cluster. This allows applications to use a single socket to talk to any other process in the cluster - so in a cluster with N processes you need N sockets, in contrast to NxN if you use a connection-oriented socket transport like TCP. RDS may be built over any transport that provides reliable datagram delivery such as TCP or IB Verbs Reliable Connected connections.

From the application's point of view, the RDS connection is set up using IP addresses that uniquely identify the sending and receiving nodes, and 16-bit port numbers to identify the RDS socket end-points at each node. The RDS port space is entirely independent of TCP, UDP or any other port-based protocol.

More details on addressing, socket interfaces, sysctls etc can be found in Linux kernel documentation directory.

Wire Specifications are located here:

== Short build instructions ==

make rpm

This should result in an rds-tools rpm which is versioned by the VERSION in the Makefile and the subversion rev that was checked out.

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Reliable Datagram Sockets Tools - rds-ping, rds-info, rds-stress


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