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AI: A Modern Approach?

In a fit of frustration, I wrote a troll post about AI: A Modern Approach.

It led to a very interesting set of reactions. Here is a brief bibliography of the discussions that ensued:

Camp 0 -> AI is exactly what is in R&N

  • Lots of people feel this way!

Camp 1 -> This confusion is really about the sociology of the field circa 1992

Camp 2 -> AI is inherently about Agency

Camp 3 -> AI is inherently about sequential decision making (Read a formal RL text)

Camp 4 -> High-level is good, but R&N is not

Camp 5 -> ML is good, but prob ML texts are too informal

Camp 6 -> PRML is on the right track, but doesn't have enough new stuff

Camp 7 -> Philosophy is critical for AI, but R&N is too scattered

Camp X -> Arguments about Rigor are really important and we should have more of them

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