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This is a collection of scripts I'm using for remote backups. It leverages restic and some ugly bash-glue to make it easy to use and extend.

The backup strategy consists of different storage backends (e.g. local paths, GCS buckets, Google Drive folders, ...), each containing multiple repositories which holds all the backups for a single backup folder.

This implies that when multiple storage backends are defined, each will hold an independent backup of all the folders in scope.


If using anything different from local filesystem for your storage backends, make sure the storage destination exists and is properly configured (e.g. for GCS). Repository initialisation is covered below.

.env file

.env contains the base configuration for the system.

RESTIC_BACKENDS a comma-separated list of storage backends used for backups

RESTIC_PASSWORD is the passphrase used to encrypt/decrypt data

GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID and GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS are only required when using GCS as a storage backend. Refer to the official documentation for more details.

Create your own .env file by copying the provided sample, and update as required.

cp .env.sample .env


config.cfg contains a comma-separated list of directories to backup, and their repository name.

A typical config.cfg file looks like the one below:


where foo is the repository name, and /backups/foo is the local folder to backup.

Initialise your repository(es)

The first time (only!) run


Helper scripts

.sh files in the ./scripts directory will be executed to perform ad-hoc before the backup starts. This comes handy e.g. for database dumps.


Two operations can be added to crontab:

# Run backup scripts every day at 1AM
0 1 * * * bash /path/to/backup-scripts/
# Run prune scripts every week at 4AM
0 4 * * 1 bash /path/to/backup-scripts/



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