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Support setting page templates by folder

StarfallProjects opened this issue · comments

Contribution guidelines

I want to suggest an idea and checked that ...

  • ... to my best knowledge, my idea wouldn't break something for other users
  • ... the documentation does not mention anything about my idea
  • ... there are no open or closed issues that are related to my idea


Add the ability to set a template for all pages in a given folder. It should also affect subfolders, unless they have their own template.

From discussion here: #4027

Use Cases

This would allow things like the following:

  • Enable alerts or announcements for a given section
  • Visually differentiate different sections
  • Possibly useful for the blog feature?
  • Wider customization for different content types (imagine a site with, say, a coding cookbook, a tech blog, and an API reference)

Screenshots / Mockups

No response

8.3.9+insiders-4.21.0 adds experimental support for a new plugin: the built-in meta plugin. With this plugin you can create .meta.yml files in your docs directory to define key-value pairs for front matter that should be set for all files in the surrounding folder and nested folders. The primary use cases for which this was designed, but to which it is not limited are:

  1. Templates
  2. Tags

Check both pages for usage examples (green admonition).

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