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a hugo theme for a personal bookmarking website

hugonews is a Hugo theme that I primarily use for my absurd bookmarking website - Its aesthetic was inspired by that of Hacker News

Getting Started


  1. Hugo
  2. Git


  1. Create a new Hugo website

    hugo new site <sitename>
  2. Initialise the website source folder as a Git repository

    cd <sitename> && git init
  3. Add the hugonews theme as a submodule to your website repo

    git submodule add themes/hugonews
  4. Set your site theme to hugonews by editing config.toml and adding the following line theme = "hugonews"

    baseURL = ""
    languageCode = "en-us"
    title = "My New Hugo Site"
    theme = "hugonews"
  5. Now, from the root of your website, create a bookmark item using the hugo CLI

    hugo new items/
  6. Edit the newly created file to add the necessary metadata. The file will be in your content directory in /content/items/

    title: "Dark mode in a website with CSS"
    date: 2019-10-09T12:13:32+02:00
    itemurl: ""
    sites: ""
    tags: ["frontend", "css", "dark mode"]
    draft: false
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add new/more bookmarks.

  8. Build the site using hugo and deploy the /public folder following any one of the guides that can be found in the Hugo documentation (Hosting & Deployment).

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hugo theme (based on for

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