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A simple bot to mass give roles based on a list of usertags

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Discord Role Bot

A very simple bot for mass giving discord members a role based on a list of discord user tags.


  • Install NodeJS and ensure NPM is available to the commandline

  • Create a copy of the file bot.json and rename it to

  • Create a new discord application here.


  • Navigate to the bots tab and select Add Bot


  • Under the bot tab, Click copy token and paste the token into the token field of the file


  • Under the bot tab, Set the bot's icon

  • Under the bot tab, Unchecked Public Bot


  • Under the bot tab, check the Server Members Intent


  • To invite bot navigate to the OAuth2 tab, check the bot scope, and then check the permissions:
    • Send Messages

    • Manage Roles

    • Embed Links



  • Then copy the invite link into your browser and invite the bot the server

  • Ensure that you have created the file and added the token from the bot application page

  • Create a file called user_tags.txt and add user tag, with each user on its own line, eg

  • Clone or download this repo and then run npm install

  • Build with npm run build

  • Run npm start

  • The bot should now be running

  • Set the role you want to assign to users with the/setrole RoleName command

  • The bot will now listen for users joinning the server and automatically assign the role based on the user_tags file

  • You can set the bot to automatically scan existing server members with the /giveroles command or with the /setinterval n where n is number of hours

  • Run the command /setintervel 0 * * * * to set the bot to automically assign the role hourly, run /setinterval to cancel the scheduled job.

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A simple bot to mass give roles based on a list of usertags

License:MIT License


Language:TypeScript 100.0%