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"FirebaseLoginSample" app from Advanced Android with Kotlin Udacity course

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Implementing Login on Android with FirebaseUI

Lesson 13 of Advanced Android with Kotlin course on Udacity
Code for the Advanced Android Kotlin Testing Codelab 06.1-06.2


  • Latest library versions (see .gradle files)
  • Minor code refactoring


This app displays fun facts about Android and has a Login/Logout button. When the user is logged into the app, any displayed Android fact will include a greeting for the user to add a touch of personalization.


  • Add Firebase to the project
  • Enable Authentication Methods
  • Implement the login button
  • Update the UI based on authentication state
  • Enable Logout
  • Enable settings screen
  • Redirect the user to the login screen if necessary
  • Handle navigation after successful login

App Demo

App Demo


"FirebaseLoginSample" app from Advanced Android with Kotlin Udacity course



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