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Python Guided Project

Heya budding Data Scientists, today you are going to work along a guided project which will enable you to get answers to questions using basic python concepts. You will learn to get hold of concepts of function and classes in python and how to use it.

What are you going to do in this project ?

You are expected to make a calculator that can handle 'complex number' operations.

    1. Addition: The sum of two complex numbers C= a+ ib and C'= a' + ib' is

      alt text

    1. Subtraction: The difference between two complex numbers C= a+ ib and C'= a' + ib' is

      alt text

    1. Multiplication: The product of two complex numbers C=a+ ib and C'= a' + ib' is

      alt text

      The special case of a complex number C=a+ ib multiplied by a scalar a' is

      alt text

    1. Division: The division of two complex numbers C= a+ ib and C'= a' + ib' is done by multiplying the numerator and denominator by the complex conjugate of the denominator

      alt text

    1. Absolute: The absolute value of the complex number C= a+bi is the distance between the origin (0,0) and the point (a,b) in the complex plane

      alt text

    1. Conjugate: The conjugate of a complex number is the number with the same real part and an imaginary part equal in magnitude but opposite in sign

      alt text

    1. Argument: The argument of a complex number C=a+ ib is defined by this

      But for this task you can simply take it as,

      alt text

Here is a resource to help you with the underlying maths behind these operations.


  • Data structures
  • Working knowledge with class and functions
  • Working knowledge of operators in python
  • Application of basic mathematics


  • You are not allowed to use any internal complex number library or a python package that handle complex numbers.
  • You can use other internal libraries if you like.
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