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Numpy Advanced

What have we learnt so far

We have seen how to manipulate a dataset using the following tools of the numpy library:

  • Indexing and Selection
  • Slicing
  • Filters
  • Pandas

Why solve this assignment?

By the completing this Assignment you will get hands-on practice with advanced techniques like creating, manipulating and accessing the information needed from data structures.

About the dataset

This assignment continues with the same IPL dataset we have been using. Let's get our hands dirty!

By completing this project you have an opportunity to win 650 points


A good way to get the integer indexes for columns is to enumerate() them

cols = ['match_code', 'date', 'city', 'team1', 'team2', 'toss_winner', 'toss_decision', 'winner','win_type',
        'win_margin', 'inning', 'delivery', 'batting_team', 'batsman', 'non_striker', 'bowler', 'runs', 'extras',
        'total', 'extras_type', 'player_out', 'wicket_kind', 'wicket_fielders']
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