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Statlog(German_Credit_Data) Project

The original dataset contains 1000 entries with 20 categorial/symbolic attributes prepared by Prof. Hofmann. In this dataset, each entry represents a person who takes a credit by a bank. Each person is classified as good or bad credit risks according to the set of attributes. The link to the original dataset can be found below.

Data Set Information:

Two datasets are provided. the original dataset, in the form provided by Prof. Hofmann, contains categorical/symbolic attributes and is in the file "".

For algorithms that need numerical attributes, Strathclyde University produced the file "". This file has been edited and several indicator variables added to make it suitable for algorithms which cannot cope with categorical variables. Several attributes that are ordered categorical (such as attribute 17) have been coded as integer. This was the form used by StatLog.

This dataset requires use of a cost matrix (see below)

..... 1 2

1 0 1

2 5 0

(1 = Good, 2 = Bad)

The rows represent the actual classification and the columns the predicted classification.

It is worse to class a customer as good when they are bad (5), than it is to class a customer as bad when they are good (1).

Note : DATA attribute Information is given in the below link

German data


  • Working knowledge of Pandas, Numpy
  • How to perform feature engineering and feature selection
  • Able to perform visualization.
  • Working knowledge of algorithms such as decision trees and logistic regression
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