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High level CLI utility for restic

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Config driven, easy backup cli for restic.
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💭 Why / What?

Autorestic is a wrapper around the amazing restic. While being amazing the restic cli can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to manage if you have many different location that you want to backup to multiple locations. This utility is aimed at making this easier 🙂

🌈 Features

  • YAML config files, no CLI
  • Incremental -> Minimal space is used
  • Backup locations to multiple backends
  • Snapshot policies and pruning
  • Fully encrypted
  • Pre/After hooks
  • Exclude pattern/files
  • Cron jobs for automatic backup
  • Backup & Restore docker volume
  • Generated completions for [bash|zsh|fish|powershell]

Questions / Support

Check the discussions page or join on discord

Contributing / Developing

PRs, feature requests, etc. are welcomed :) Have a look at the dev docs


High level CLI utility for restic

License:Apache License 2.0


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