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C++ Implementation of PyTorch Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers

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This repository provides tutorial code in C++ for deep learning researchers to learn PyTorch.
Python Tutorial:

Getting Started

Fork/Clone and Build

git clone
cd pytorch-cpp

Generate build system

cmake -B build #<options>

Note for Windows users:
Libtorch only supports 64bit Windows and an x64 generator needs to be specified. For Visual Studio this can be done by appending -A x64 to the above command.

Some useful options:

Option Default Description
-D CUDA_V=(9.2|10.1|none) none Download libtorch for a CUDA version (none = download CPU version).
-D DOWNLOAD_DATASETS=(OFF|ON) ON Download all datasets used in the tutorials.
-D CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=path/to/libtorch/share/cmake/Torch Skip the downloading of libtorch and use your own local version instead.


cmake --build build

Note for Windows users:
The CMake script downloads the Release version of libtorch, so --config Release has to be appended to the build command.

General Note:
By default all tutorials will be built. If you only want to build one specific tutorial, specify the target parameter for the build command. For example to only build the language model tutorial, append --target language-model (target name = tutorial foldername with all underscores replaced with hyphens).

Table of Contents

1. Basics

2. Intermediate

3. Advanced


  • C++
  • PyTorch C++ API



C++ Implementation of PyTorch Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers

License:MIT License


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