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A lightweght frontend for

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Vocrab is a Rust server that acts as a frontent for There is an instance running at my personal site.

Before you hammer my server: consider you can scrape it from the actual site if that's what you're interested in, rather than muddling through HTML. Read the source of the rust library I wrote.

It is a far more lightweight webpage and in my opinion looks better 😄

This project is meant to be in line with Libreddit and other frontend proxies. Currently it simply scrapes the API.


  • JSON API (I made a rust library)
  • Better looking webpage
  • Night mode button
  • Docker packaging for easier self-hosting

I'll accept any PR's that add these 😄


The main instance is mine, I will try to keep it running for as long as is feasible.

If you are interested in being added to this short list, please install the server and create an issue.


A lightweght frontend for


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