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A growing collection of search plugins for the qBittorrent, an awesome and opensource torrent client

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qBittorrent Search Plugins

This is a still growing collection of search plugins for qBittorent, an amazing and open source torrent client, maintained by me, LightDestory.

If a plugin stops working or you need a specific plugin, let me know by opening an issue.


Plugin Version Last Updated Working?
AcademicTorrents AcademicTorrents 1.1 01/05/2022 ✔️
btetree btetree 1.2 17/06/2021 ✔️
ETTV ETTV 1.2 17/06/2021 ✖️ - Site seems to be closed at 08-02-22
GloTorrents GloTorrents 1.3 05/12/2021 ✔️
IlCorsaroNero IlCorsaroNero 1.2 17/06/2021 ✔️
RARBG RARBG 1.1 06/12/2021 ✔️
RockBox RockBox 1.0 17/06/2021 ✔️
Snowfl Snowfl 1.1 18/09/2021 ✔️
ThePirateBay ThePirateBay 1.0 14/11/2021 ✔️
TNTVillageDump TNTVillageDump 1.1 31/01/2022 ✔️
YourBittorrent YourBittorrent 1.3 22/02/2022 ✔️

Install and Usage

To install a search plugin please refers to the official wiki.

Some plugins can need some settings, please read carefully the Notes section.

📖 Notes

  • IlCorsaroNero has been blacklisted on Italy's DNS, please use a different DNS such as Google or Cloudflare
  • AcademicTorrents please set "Search in" properly!
  • Snowfl is a torrent aggregator, there is not a fixed way to fetch the torrent. I tried to fix the in-app torrent fetch implementing a generic magnet link fetch, but it doesn't work every time.
  • RARBG uses an anti-spam system, if you perform a lot of queries on a short time the plugin will stop working until their system removes you from a "alert" list
  • TNTVillage uses a emdebed dump so it is a bit fatty: 20MB of plugin!
  • YourBittorrent by default the website only shows 50 torrent based on your text-query, I tried to force pagination but it causes duplicates results. So... use specific queries!

Contributions and Testing

To contribute, just write your own script following the official wiki and put it inside /src/engines.

For comodity I have included the needed files requires to testing the plugins, the nova scripts:

  1. cd ./src
  2. python ./ search_engine category search keywords



⚠️ License

This collection is under GNU GPL-3.0 License.


A growing collection of search plugins for the qBittorrent, an awesome and opensource torrent client

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Python 100.0%