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Gamestonk Terminal is an awesome stock market terminal that has been developed for fun, while I saw my GME shares tanking. But hey, I like the stock ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ.

The implementation (in python) allows to easily add more commands, and expand on their configuration.

Feel free to request features, I'll be happy to work on them on my spare time.

Table of contents


The main menu allows the following commands:

load -t S_TICKER [-s S_START_DATE] [-i {1,5,15,30,60}]
view -t S_TICKER [-s S_START_DATE] [-i {1,5,15,30,60}] [--type N_TYPE]

With their functions being:

  • Load stock ticker to perform analysis on
    • -s : The starting date (format YYYY-MM-DD) of the stock
    • -i : Intraday stock minutes
  • Clear previously loaded stock ticker.
  • Visualise historical data of a stock. An alpha_vantage key is necessary.
    • -s : The starting date (format YYYY-MM-DD) of the stock
    • -i : Intraday stock minutes
    • --type : 1234 corresponds to types: 1. open; 2. high; 3.low; 4. close; while 14 corresponds to types:; 4. close


Note: Until a ticker is loaded, the menu will only show disc and sen menu, as the others require a ticker being provided.

Discover Stocks

map           S&P500 index stocks map [Finviz]
sectors       show sectors performance [Alpha Vantage]
gainers       show latest top gainers [Yahoo Finance]
orders        orders by Fidelity Customers [Fidelity]
up_earnings   upcoming earnings release dates [Seeking Alpha]
high_short    show top high short interest stocks of over 20% ratio []
low_float     show low float stocks under 10M shares float []
simply_wallst Simply Wall St. research data [Simply Wall St.]
spachero      great website for SPACs research [SpacHero]
uwhales       good website for SPACs research [UnusualWhales]

Market Sentiment

wsb           show what WSB gang is up to in subreddit wallstreetbets
watchlist     show other users watchlist
popular       show popular tickers
spac_c        show other users spacs announcements from subreddit SPACs community
spac          show other users spacs announcements from other subs

bullbear      estimate quick sentiment from last 30 messages on board
messages      output up to the 30 last messages on the board
trending      trending stocks
stalker       stalk stocktwits user's last messages

infer         infer about stock's sentiment from latest tweets
sentiment     in-depth sentiment prediction from tweets over time

mentions      interest over time based on stock's mentions
regions       regions that show highest interest in stock
queries       top related queries with this stock
rise          top rising related queries with stock

Research Web pages



Fundamental Analysis

Daily Stock: BB (from 2020-06-04)

screener      screen info about the company [Finviz]
mgmt          management team of the company [Business Insider]

Market Watch API
income        income statement of the company
assets        assets of the company
liabilities   liabilities and shareholders equity of the company
operating     cash flow operating activities of the company
investing     cash flow investing activities of the company
financing     cash flow financing activities of the company

Yahoo Finance API
info          information scope of the company
shrs          shareholders of the company
sust          sustainability values of the company
cal           calendar earnings and estimates of the company

Alpha Vantage API
overview      overview of the company
income        income statements of the company
balance       balance sheet of the company
cash          cash flow of the company
earnings      earnings dates and reported EPS

Financial Modeling Prep API
profile       profile of the company
quote         quote of the company
enterprise    enterprise value of the company over time
dcf           discounted cash flow of the company over time
inc           income statements of the company
bal           balance sheet of the company
cashf         cash flow of the company
metrics       key metrics of the company
ratios        financial ratios of the company
growth        financial statement growth of the company

Technical Analysis

ema         exponential moving average
sma         simple moving average
vwap        volume weighted average price
cci         commodity channel index
macd        moving average convergence/divergence
rsi         relative strength index
stoch       stochastic oscillator
adx         average directional movement index
aroon       aroon indicator
bbands      bollinger bands
ad          chaikin accumulation/distribution line values
obv         on balance volume

Due Diligence

news          latest news of the company [Finviz]
red           gets due diligence from another user's post [Reddit]
analyst       analyst prices and ratings of the company [Finviz]
rating        rating of the company from strong sell to strong buy [FMP]
pt            price targets over time [Business Insider]
est           quarter and year analysts earnings estimates [Business Insider]
ins           insider activity over time [Business Insider]
insider       insider trading of the company [Finviz]
sec           SEC filings [Market Watch]
short         short interest [Quandl]
warnings      company warnings according to Sean Seah book [Market Watch]

Prediction Techniques

sma         simple moving average
knn         k-Nearest Neighbors
linear      linear regression (polynomial 1)
quadratic   quadratic regression (polynomial 2)
cubic       cubic regression (polynomial 3)
regression  regression (other polynomial)
arima       autoregressive integrated moving average
prophet     Facebook's prophet prediction
mlp         MultiLayer Perceptron
rnn         Recurrent Neural Network
lstm        Long-Short Term Memory


This project was written and tested with Python 3.6.8.

In order to install all libraries used by this repository, you must run

pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: The libraries specified in the requirements.txt file have been tested and work for the purpose of this project, however, these may be older versions. Hence, it is recommended for the user to set up a virtual python environment prior to installing these. This allows to keep dependencies required by different projects in separate places.

API Keys

The project is build around several different API calls, whether it is to access historical data or financials.

These are the ones where a key is necessary:

When these are obtained, don't forget to update Alternatively, you can also set them to the following environment variables:



"A few things I am not. I am not a cat. I am not an institutional investor, nor am I a hedge fund. I do not have clients and I do not provide personalized investment advice for fees or commissions." DFV


If you like this project, and would like me to maintain it and keep adding features, feel free to buy me a coffee!

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The next best thing after Bloomberg Terminal

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