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Dauntless Properties (PHP Project Demo)

Dauntless Properties is a demo LAMP stack project with AngularJS UI front-end to allow authorized users to track real-estate property listings and reservations.


  • Installation wizard
  • User authorization
  • User registration
  • Property management
  • Property reservations (IN WORK)


  • Download the repository from Github
  • Unzip the zip file in the directory where Dauntless Properties will run
  • If the zip creates a new directory called dauntless-properties you will need to change directories there
  • Change directory to www in the main directory and run php -S localhost:2000
  • Open a browser window
  • Navigate to http://localhost:2000
  • The current API currently has data however you may also run the installation wizard at http://localhost:2000/install
  • To Get Started Immediately use the username sharrondenice and password dauntless to see sample data
  • LIVE demo can be found at
  • API Code documentation can be found at

To Build The Project From Scratch

  • Open a command prompt or user your IDE to run the command npm install. This will install all the required node_modules for debugging.
  • Next change directory to http and run the command composer update This will install the required modules for the API
  • Run gulp build to build the current workspace. All files will be outputted to the www directory.
  • If you wish to run the API on localhost ** Update www_stage/src/assets/env.js to include http://localhost:3000 as the API url ** Inside the http directory run php -S localhost:3000 (Ensure your php webserver is still running at http://localhost:2000)
  • Navigate to to http://localhost:2000 to begin


  • No known bugs


Thank you for downloading Dauntless Properties If you find any issues, please report them in the issue tracker on our website:


Copyright 2018 Sharron Denice

Software is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License; additional terms may apply. See [](Terms of Use) for details.


Dauntless Properties Test


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