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Viewer for stocks

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Datorama Stocks App Viewer

Web viewer for watching stocks info.

This app is as requested in the "Frontend Developer-House Test" with 2 extra features:

  1. Clear table function
  • Add to table function


First lets install some stuff. If you don't have Node.js and npm installed, please download and install them.
It is recommended to download the LTS version (which is currently version 4.3.0).

Go ahead and navigate to the project's directory:

cd <project directory>

Now, please install globally the package http-server:

npm install -g http-server@0.8.5

And also bower (being used to download jQuery):

npm install -g bower@1.7.7

After that, please install all of the npm dependencies:

npm install

Now, install all of bower's dependencies:

bower install

You are ready to go!

Running the server

Use http-server to start your web server:

http-server ./app

That's it!
Now just navigate on your browser to the address http://localhost:3000

Have fun!


The website has been tested on:

  1. Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari v5.1.7**
  • IE11*

* No version of IE below IE11 has been tested since non of them has a lot of usage + Microsoft has deprecated these versions.

** No later version of Safari was tested since this is the latest release for Windows PC + Apple apparently kills Windows PC support in Safari 6.0

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Viewer for stocks

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:JavaScript 79.5%Language:HTML 17.1%Language:CSS 3.4%