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Small dummy server for testing property-search-sample application

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Sample Property Search Server

This is a small server written in Ruby using Sinatra and hosted on Heroku.

It just serves up a static JSON file with some dummy properties to test the accompanying property-search-sample iPhone application.


The server is deployed and available on Heroku.

The server takes an optional query parameter, which doesn't actually do a search, it just returns whatever you searched for as the suburb of each property.

Installation with RVM and Bundler

If you're using RVM, it should automatically pick up the Ruby version and create a new gemset when you enter the directory on the command line.

If bundler isn't installed:

gem install bundler


Installation without RVM and Bundler

Install Ruby and RubyGems if you haven't already. Navigate to the server project directory and:

gem install sinatra

Running the server

To run the server locally, just run rackup in the project directory, which should make the server available on http://localhost:9292/search


Small dummy server for testing property-search-sample application


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