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Download images from Google, Bing, Baidu. 谷歌、百度、必应图片下载.

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Image Downloader


1. Introdoction

Crawl and download images using Selenium Using python3 and PyQt5

2. Key features

  • Supported Search Engine: Google, Bing, Baidu
  • Keywords input from keyboard, or input from line seperated keywords list file for batch process.
  • Download image using customizable number of threads.
  • Fully supported conditional search (eg. filetype:, site:).
  • Switch for Google safe mode.
  • Proxy configuration (socks, http).
  • CMD and GUI ways of using are provided.

3. Install

3.1 Download and install Python3.5+

  • Download Latest version of Python3.5 installer from here

3.2 Download and setup chromedriver [recommend]

  • Require Google Chrome Browser or Chromium Browser installed.
  • Download the corresponding version of chromedriver from here
  • Copy chromedriver binary to ${project_directory}/bin/ or add it to PATH.

3.3 Download and setup phantomjs [deprecated]

  • Official phantomjs prebuilt executable can be downloaded from here
  • Copy phantomjs to ${project_directory}/bin/ or add it to PATH.

3.4 Install python packages

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

4. Usage

4.1 GUI

Run script to yank GUI:



4.2 CMD

usage: [-h] [--engine {Google,Bing,Baidu}]
                           [--driver {chrome_headless,chrome,phantomjs}]
                           [--max-number MAX_NUMBER]
                           [--num-threads NUM_THREADS] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                           [--output OUTPUT] [--safe-mode] [--face-only]
                           [--proxy_http PROXY_HTTP]
                           [--proxy_socks5 PROXY_SOCKS5]


  • MIT License
  • 996ICU License


Download images from Google, Bing, Baidu. 谷歌、百度、必应图片下载.

License:MIT License


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