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Giphy Integration Service for Mattermost

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Giphy Integration Service for Mattermost

This integrations service is used to enable an external search engine (Giphy) to be queried based on commands issued in a Mattermost channel using Mattermost outgoing webhooks.

Once installed, users can type gif: keyword to send a query to the Giphy search engine and return with a post containing one non-deterministic search result from the Giphy database of animated GIF files matching keyword. The animation will appear below in the posted message.

Powered by Giphy.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to provide a fully-functional template on which the Mattermost community can create their own integration services. Community members are invited to fork this repo to add improvements and to create new integrations.

To have your work included on the Mattermost integrations page, please mail or tweet to @MattermostHQ.


To run this integration you need:

  1. A web server supporting Python 2.7 or compatible versions.
  2. A Mattermost account where outgoing webhooks are enabled

Many web server options will work, below we provide instructions for Heroku and a general Linux/Ubuntu server.

Heroku-based Install


Linux/Ubuntu 14.04 Web Server Install


Docker install



Giphy Integration Service for Mattermost

License:Apache License 2.0


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