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FormKit.m is a library that helps building form with table view.

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FormKit.m is a library that helps building forms with a table view.

It also handles synchronization of data between your model and the view (cells) when the user makes edits.

This library is extracted from BaseKit.


Copy FormKit dir into your project.

Example code

self.formModel = [FKFormModel formTableModelForTableView:self.tableView navigationController:self.navigationController];

[FKFormMapping mappingForClass:[Movie class] block:^(FKFormMapping *mapping) {
    [mapping sectiontWithTitle:@"Information section" identifier:@"info"];
    [mapping mapAttribute:@"title" title:@"Title" type:FKFormAttributeMappingTypeText];
    [mapping mapAttribute:@"releaseDate" title:@"ReleaseDate" FKFormAttributeMappingTypeDate];
    [mapping mapAttribute:@"suitAllAges" title:@"All ages" type:FKFormAttributeMappingTypeBoolean];
    // Read-only field
    [mapping mapAttribute:@"shortName" title:@"ShortName" type:FKFormAttributeMappingTypeLabel];
    [mapping mapAttribute:@"numberOfActor" title:@"Number of actor" type:FKFormAttributeMappingTypeInteger];
    [mapping mapAttribute:@"content" title:@"Content" type:FKFormAttributeMappingTypeBigText];
    // Select fields using a picker or pushing a selection view controller
    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"choice"
            selectValuesBlock:^NSArray *(id value, id object, NSInteger *selectedValueIndex){
                *selectedValueIndex = 1;
                return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"choice1", @"choice2", nil];
    } valueFromSelectBlock:^id(id value, id object, NSInteger selectedValueIndex) {
        return value;
    } labelValueBlock:^id(id value, id object) {
        return value;
    [mapping buttonSave:@"Save" handler:^{

   [formMapping validationForAttribute:@"title" validBlock:^BOOL(id value, id object) {
        return YES;
    [self.formModel registerMapping:mapping];

[self.formModel loadFieldsWithObject:movie];

Form Mapping

Migrating form BaseKit FormMapping

The biggest change is that classes are now prefixed with FK instead of BK.


FormKit is ARC only and requires iOS 5.


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Bruno Wernimont



FormKit.m is a library that helps building form with table view.

License:Apache License 2.0


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