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Brain-Computer Interface, ADS1299 and STM32

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Brain-Computer Interface

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ADS1299 and STM32F407VE

GNU license

How it Works

Gerbers files for PCB boards.
Hex file can be uploaded to STM32F407VE by ST-LINK V2 RST
- gnd
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Signal processing by brainflow with MIT license.
board_id: 15

1.ADS_1299.c - code for Atollic TrueSTUDIO for STM32 F407VE
1.ADS_1299.ioc - file for STM32CubeMX

2. General pin information about ADS1299 signals

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SPI2 for communicate with ADS1299
UAART4 for send data by HC-12
2.1.DRDY output - high when conversion starts
2.2 Two ways to read data:
- RDATA - continuous read command;
- SDATA - on request.
2.3. The amount of input data - 24 * 8 = 192 bits + 24 status bits, a total - 216 bits

3. Configuration of control registers

Three bytes of register configuration
0b11010100 0b11100000

4. Description of code ADS_1299.c

Data transfer - "s", ends - "p"
Serial with baud rate - 115200.

5. Hardware and Signal processing demonstrations

Hardware demonstrations
Hardware demonstrations
Signal processing by brainflov via timeflux (
Software demonstrations

6. Citation

Rakhmatulin, I., Parfenov, A., Traylor, Z. et al. Low-cost brain computer interface for everyday use. Exp Brain Res (2021).

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Brain-Computer Interface, ADS1299 and STM32

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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