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CodeGen is an open-source model for program synthesis. Trained on TPU-v4. Competitive with OpenAI Codex.

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codegen-350M-multi and codegen-350M-mono model files mistakenly shared the same hash

nforest opened this issue · comments

# codegen-350M-nl,multi,mono
# wget -P checkpoints && tar -xvf checkpoints/codegen-350M-multi.tar.gz -C checkpoints/
# wget -P checkpoints && tar -xvf checkpoints/codegen-350M-mono.tar.gz -C checkpoints/

I found that the model files downloaded from two different links above are the same:

md5sum codegen-350M-mono/*
d81cbe1111f246ca7f48850d0ed627fb  codegen-350M-mono/pytorch_model.bin

md5sum codegen-350M-multi/*
d81cbe1111f246ca7f48850d0ed627fb  codegen-350M-multi/pytorch_model.bin

Thank you for noticing. I have corrected the checkpoints. Please verify:

md5sum codegen-350M-mono/*
e5c11e8445017b915d61699bc0d0d204  codegen-350M-mono/config.json
37f839fb92f1fc346c8562ce97e3897b  codegen-350M-mono/pytorch_model.bin

md5sum codegen-350M-multi/*
e5c11e8445017b915d61699bc0d0d204  codegen-350M-multi/config.json
d81cbe1111f246ca7f48850d0ed627fb  codegen-350M-multi/pytorch_model.bin

Thanks, I can confirm that the new checkpoints are more reasonable in downstream tasks.

Thanks, glad to hear