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CodeGen is an open-source model for program synthesis. Trained on TPU-v4. Competitive with OpenAI Codex.

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add web demo/model to Huggingface

AK391 opened this issue · comments

Hi, would you be interested in adding CodeGen to Hugging Face? The Hub offers free hosting, and it would make your work more accessible and visible to the rest of the ML community. There is already a Salesforce organization on Huggingface: to add models/datasets/spaces(web demos) to.

Example from other organizations:

Example spaces with repos:


and here are guides for adding spaces/models/datasets to your org

How to add a Space:
how to add models:
uploading a dataset:

Please let us know if you would be interested and if you have any questions, we can also help with the technical implementation.

Yes, definitely, thank you for the pointer. We are working on a HF integration with Leandro et al. as we speak

im interested in integration to HF

I have messed around with this and got it working, here are my unnoficial release:
@sallumandya1995 @AK391

@redthing1 can you add some example how to run for inference i.e. how to pass a query to the model?

@enijkamp Any update with the HF integration? 🙏

@nashid It's ongoing; should be ready soon!: huggingface/transformers#17443

@nashid The pull request is merged. You could give it a try after installing transformers from the repo directly.

@rooa Cant find codegen here. Missing something?

You can find in the main branch here. It would take some time until this integration is included in a new release.

@enijkamp tried the URL. I am getting this error "500 Sorry, there is an error on our side.'

@nashid The gradio serving may have issues handling the load caused from recent tweets.

Here a colab demo on GPU: