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Unofficial Pomodoro plugin for Bitbar

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Bitbar Pomodoro

Unofficial Pomodoro plugin for the fantastic tool Bitbar

Set daily goal

Latest version allows setting a daily goal for the number of Pomodoros to complete and shows the progress in the dropdown.

Note: Only completed Pomodoros are counted towards the daily goal. Pomodoros stopped midway won't show up in the daily progress bar.


Read the Bitbar plugins page for instructions on how to install this plugin. Refreshes every 5 seconds but you can modify the frequency by changing the filename.


The following can be configured in pomodoro_bitbar.rb:

  • POMODORO_TIME: 25 minutes by default
  • TMP_FILE_PATH: Path of temporary file used to keep track of Pomodoros. You shouldn't need to change this unless there are some permissions issues to read/write files in the tmp directory
  • LOG_FILE_PATH: Path of file to log Pomodoros. Daily goal tracking is enabled if this path is set.
  • DAILY_GOAL: Daily goal for number of Pomodoros to complete.
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Unofficial Pomodoro plugin for Bitbar

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