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Docker container with Alpine Linux, Pandoc, PlantUML, and Sphinx.

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This is the source code which builds a Docker container comprised of Alpine Linux, Pandoc, and PlantUML. It is intended to provide an environment which is optimized for generating documentation.

We use:

Building the Container


Consuming the Container

The short version is FROM skyzyx/alpine-pandoc:1.2.0.

  1. Compiling Pandoc takes some time, so using this container saves you that time.
  2. Build your own container with your own specific dependencies using RUN commands.
  3. Use something like Docker Compose to mount your documentation source to /var/docs.
  4. Add your documentation-building task as an ENTRYPOINT.

docker-compose up the first time (or with --build) will build your custom container, then run your ENTRYPOINT task. Subsequent runs of docker-compose up will only execute your ENTRYPOINT task.

Sample Dockerfile

Using Sphinx

FROM skyzyx/alpine-pandoc:1.2.0

ENV PERSISTENT_DEPS wget git mercurial make openssh sphinx
ENV SPHINXBUILD /usr/bin/sphinx-build

# Copy Source code and set working directory
COPY src /var/docs
WORKDIR /var/docs

USER root

RUN apk add --no-cache --virtual .persistent-deps $PERSISTENT_DEPS
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

ENTRYPOINT ["make", "docs"]

Using XeTeX and pandoc-plantuml-filter

FROM skyzyx/alpine-pandoc:1.2.0

USER root
    make \
RUN apk add --no-cache $DEPS && \
    pip install pandoc-plantuml-filter

USER pandoc
ENTRYPOINT ["make", "docs"]

# make ultimately calls:
#  pandoc --filter=pandoc-plantuml
#         --output=out.pdf
#         --from=markdown
#         *.md

Sample docker-compose.yml

version: "3"
        build: .
            - ./src:/var/docs
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Docker container with Alpine Linux, Pandoc, PlantUML, and Sphinx.

License:MIT License


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