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complex_modifications for Karabiner-Elements.

Update docs

Run make in terminal.


Add rules

  1. Put a .erb template file to src/json. (Or put a .json file to docs/json directly.)
  2. (Optional) Put extra description to docs/extra_descriptions.
  3. Add new json to docs/groups.json.
  4. Run make in terminal.


docs/index.html does not work properly if you open it via file://....
Launch a local web server by make server in terminal and open http://localhost:8000 .
(You can quit the local web server by the control-c shortcut in terminal.)

Karabiner-Elements cannot import the json from the local web server due to the no https connection between local web server.
Please import the json via file copy. (See Local testing section.)

complex_modifications documents

Local testing

  1. Copy a json file to ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications.
  2. Import rules from Karabiner-Elements Preferences.


$ cp docs/json/caps_lock.json ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications

Then open Karabiner-Elements Preferences > Complex Modifications > Rules > Add rule

Karabiner-Elements Usage

Import file from another site

  1. Put a json file to your site.
  2. Make a link karabiner://karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/import?url=<JSON_URL>.
  3. Open the link from web browser.
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License:The Unlicense


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