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An Open Source PHP Reporting Framework that helps you to write perfect data reports or to construct awesome dashboards in PHP. Working great with all PHP versions from 5.6 to latest 8.0. Fully compatible with all kinds of MVC frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony.

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KoolReport is an intuitive and flexible Open-Source PHP Reporting Framework for faster and easier report delivery. It gives you full control of data process as well as data visualization. It is fast, simple and can be extended in many ways.

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  1. Various datasources including relational database MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or NoSQL like MongoDB, CSV or Excel files.
  2. Various data processes: data transformation, join, group, filter and etc.
  3. Awesome visualization through widgets charts and tables.
  4. Extended packages can be found at KoolReport Extended Packages


Get started

System Requirement

  1. PHP 5.4 or higher


By composer

If you use composer, you can run following command to install the latest version

$ composer require koolreport/core

Manually Download

Please go to our Get Started page and following our guide to install.

What's included

├── core/
│   ├── src/
│   ├── tests/
│   └── autoload.php

Create your first report

Make two files SalesByCustomer.php and SalesByCustomer.view.php

├── koolreport/
├── myreport/
│   ├── SalesByCustomer.php
│   ├── SalesByCustomer.view.php
│   └── index.php


// index.php: Just a bootstrap file
require_once "SalesByCustomer.php";

$salesByCustomer = new SalesByCustomer;


require_once "../koolreport/core/autoload.php";

//Specify some data processes that will be used to process
use \koolreport\processes\Group;
use \koolreport\processes\Sort;
use \koolreport\processes\Limit;

//Define the class
class SalesByCustomer extends \koolreport\KoolReport
    protected function settings()
        //Define the "sales" data source which is the orders.csv 
        return array(
    protected function setup()
        //Select the data source then pipe data through various process
        //until it reach the end which is the dataStore named "sales_by_customer".
        ->pipe(new Group(array(
        ->pipe(new Sort(array(
        ->pipe(new Limit(array(10)))


    use \koolreport\widgets\koolphp\Table;
    use \koolreport\widgets\google\BarChart;

<div class="report-content">
    <div class="text-center">
        <h1>Sales By Customer</h1>
        <p class="lead">This report shows top 10 sales by customer</p>

            "title"=>"Sales By Customer",
            "table"=>"table table-hover table-bordered"

You may download the source code And the result of this report can be previewed in here.

More examples

  1. Products vs Quarters
  2. Export To PDF
  3. DrillDown Report
  4. Pivot Table

.. and all examples.


The KoolReport is licensed under MIT License.

Extended packages:

Many Free Packages

  • PlatesPhp: Use PlatesPHP template engine [Free]
  • Blade: Use Blade template engine [Free]
  • Twig: Use Twig template engine [Free]
  • Laravel: Make KoolReport work seamlessly in Laravel PHP Framework [Free]
  • CodeIgniter: Make KoolReport work seamlessly in CodeIgniter Framework [Free]
  • MongoDB: Build report from MongoDB [Free]
  • CleanData: Solution for your missing data [Free]
  • QueryBuilder: Build fast and error-free SQL Query for your report [Free]
  • Instant: Create widget instantly without setting up a full report [Free]
  • Cache: Drive the speed and responsiveness of your report to the max [Free]
  • Statistics: Provide various statistical measures for your data [Free]
  • Bootstrap3: Create beautiful report with Bootstrap 3 [Free]
  • Bootstrap4: Create modern report with Bootstrap 4 [Free]
  • CloudExport: Export your report to PDF, JPG, PNG and other formats using cloud services [Free]

Some with a little price

  • Excel: Import and export data to Excel [$49]
  • Cube: Turn your data into two dimensions cross-tab table [$29]
  • Pivot: Build multi-dimenstional pivot table [$69]
  • Export: Export your report to PDF, JPG, PNG and other formats [$49]
  • Morris Chart: Use morris charts in your report [$19]
  • Inputs: A simplest way to build dynamic reports [$49]
  • BarCode: Generate BarCode and QRCode [$19]
  • Sparklines: Create tiny charts [$19]
  • DataGrid: Display data in table format, search, sort, group data and more.. [$29]
  • DrillDown: Build awesome drill-down, drill-through report easily [$49]
  • ChartJS: One of the most beautiful and powerful chart libraries for your report [$49]
  • Amazing: Style your report with modern and beautiful theme [$49]
  • D3: Beautiful D3 Chart Library for your great data visualization [$49]

KoolReport Pro

KoolReport Pro is the most advanced version of KoolReport. It includes latest KoolReport version plus all available advanced packages from KoolPHP Inc. It costs $199 for Developer License, $499 for Team License and $999 for Enterprise License. The licenses come with following benefits:

  1. Include all current package and future ones.
  2. Deploying on unlimited servers or projects.
  3. Royal free (no extra charged) when you delivered the KoolReport Pro with your commercial product.
  4. 1 year subscription to get free upgrades, bugs fixed and new released packages regardless price.
  5. 1 year priority support on forum. Your post will be marked with star and got fatest response by our expert.
  6. Enterprise License allows unlimited number of developers in organization.
  7. 50% discount on the next subscription.

If you have further inquiry on this special version, please go to our forum or email us at We will get back to you in no time.

Some thoughts

KoolReport is the sum of our many years experience in making reports for our customers. We hope that it will help you to create powerful report with less effort. We love KoolReport very much and want it to be alive. We hope that you do too.

Being alive means that the source code continues to evolve, more features are added, and everything is back with professional support.

Please consider your purchase of extended packages or subscription as your donation. In exchange, we would like to send you gifts which are extensions or support services. By this way, we together contribute to the existence of KoolReport.

Our vision

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" - African Proverb

We have learned above statement through years of software development. We choose open-source as software model for KoolReport because we understand that:

  1. Alone, we never keep up with all time-changing needs
  2. Alone, we never have enough man power to serve well.

That's why we designed KoolReport to be simple and extensible. Simple to use and extensible for change. We would like to grow it to be a solid framework supported by market of packages providing various datasources, data processes, visualization widgets and report templates where users can find solution right away.

KoolReport wants to be foundation or ecosystem connecting people who need reporting solution and those who can provide it. All are invited to join us on market to provide excellent solutions. We believe people willing to pay for a good solution. And we are happy to share market and profit.

Vision are big, we take the first step. Join us!


Below are the things we are going to do:

  1. Evolve the structure of KoolReport and its functionalities
  2. Build market to push
    1. Connection to various datasources
    2. Data processing focus on: data cleaning, data analytics, data mining techniques
    3. More widgets to visualize data
  3. Build GUI for non-technical users
  4. Build ecosystem to handle big-data


  1. KoolPHP Inc - A vendor of PHP components
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An Open Source PHP Reporting Framework that helps you to write perfect data reports or to construct awesome dashboards in PHP. Working great with all PHP versions from 5.6 to latest 8.0. Fully compatible with all kinds of MVC frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony.

License:MIT License


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