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Atlassian Connect with Angular

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Atlassian Connect Express (ACE) Angular Style

This library for Angular 7.x is designed to connect your Angular application to your JIRA or Confluence instance out-of-the-box. Under the hood, it splices the atlassian-connect-express library into your webpack-dev-server so developmental deployment is as simple as running ng serve after setting up your credentials.json file. It also automatically inserts the Atlassian Javascript API so your app can make cross-domain calls from inside its iframe. On top of all that, this library provides a type-safe automatically-generated API service through which your app can make all necessary calls to the JIRA or Confluence instance.


Install prerequisites:

npm i jsdom @angular/cdk

On a fresh (or existing) Angular app, run

ng add ac-ng

Along with modifying your app's main module, index.html, and package.json files, this will copy several files into your project's root directory: webpack.config.js, config.js, credentials.json, and atlassian-connect.json.

The only file you need to edit right off-the-bat is credentials.json


  "hosts": {
    "your-instance-name.atlassian.net": {
      "product": "jira",
      "username": "Your username",
      "password": "Your API Token from https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens"

If you haven't already, go to https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens and register yourself a new API token, copy it and paste it into the password field. You will also need to put the email address you use to access your Atlassian site in username. Directly under hosts, change your-instance-name.atlassian.net to match the hostname of your instance. Save this file.

Go to your instance's 'Manage Apps' page, click on the 'Settings' link directly underneath the 'User Installed Apps' table and enable 'Development Mode'.

Start your Angular dev server in the normal way

ng serve

And watch for the line that states that your plugin was registered successfully.

Now, if you go to your instance's home page, you should see your shiny new plugin link right above the 'Jira Settings' link!

Click on it and you should see your app!


Atlassian Connect with Angular

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