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ShellHub Documentation

This documentation is built with MkDocs, themed with Material for MkDocs and is hosted on GitHub Pages.

Generated documentation is available at: https://docs.shellhub.io


Create a virtual environment (venv directory):

virtualenv venv

Install the required packages to build documentation:

./venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

Editing documentation

To edit the documentation, just edit the files inside src.

In order for content to show up, it needs to be added to the configuration, i.e., in the nav section of the mkdocs.yml file.

Some pointers:

Previewing changes locally

You can test what the documentation looks like, using the following command and opening a browser on localhost:8000:

./venv/bin/mkdocs serve

mkdocs monitors setup and markdown files, so you can just add and edit them as you like, it will automatically rebuild and refresh the browser.


:book: ShellHub documentation