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Min and max values of sliders don’t get updated

mabartibin opened this issue · comments

I have a UI with a slider and Min and Max controls to set the range. Based on other UI actions, I need to change the range of the slider.

I can change e.g. the minimum using ESPUI.updateControlValue(minID,newMinValue);

However, when I move the slider in the UI, values are still within the old range. When I reload the page in the browser, or using ESPUI.jsonReload, the new range is used.

Expected behavior
Any movement of the slider should reflect the new range.

What happens to the value of the slider at the moment the range is changed, maybe entailing that the value is no longer within the range? I don’t know. I think the client code needs to add an updateControlValue to set the value to something appropriate.


  • macOS 12.6
  • Chrome v 105.0.5195.125