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Inject CSS or JS?

themindfactory opened this issue · comments

Is there any current methods to inject custom CSS or JS not at the card or control level, rather at a higher level?? One example would be to remove all the

's on the cards... currently you can do programmatically do that....

So as you've seen you can add CSS into elements and cards. What sort of thing did you have in mind?

I suppose that it looks like you can add and remove CSS rules with document.styleSheets[0].insertRule() so it could be possible...

I wrote almost 100% the same type library for my own use a few years back, I found being able to inject CSS JS at various levels, not only card and control level, allowed for all sorts of additions without needing to recode the library, just as popups, toast type, manipulating CSS that is outside the realm of the supported elements, such as removing the <H R> lines instead of editing the library files as you may want to have the <H R> in a different application.... I may add these things to this lib and push them, will see.... good work!