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Not working min/max value of an element when it is in a group.

Noctr opened this issue · comments

When I put the "Slider" or "Numberinput" element in the group, then the limiters do not work for them.
ESPUI.addControl(Max, "", .... and ESPUI.addControl(Min, "", .... do not work for such elements.
For "Slider" the range is always 0-100.
There are no restrictions for Numeric Input.
(sorry for my bad english).

Post your code please.

Interesting. Yes it seems like there is a bug there that affects groups but not elements on their own.

It will be something quite simple, I'll fix it when I get a chance.

@iangray001 I've seen this issue in other places too. It seems that programmable CSS that is applied to elements in a grouped control are ignored.

That is to say, custom css works if the element is used on its own. But the css style is missing when the same element is moved into a grouped control.

  • Thomas

@Noctr I think I have fixed this now.

@thomastech I seem to be able to style grouped controls. Is there a specific scenario where it isn't being applied?

Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 20 49 01

I seem to be able to style grouped controls. Is there a specific scenario where it isn't being applied?

A recent scenario involved a Label Control grouped inside a Text Input Control. The Label's inline CSS was not fully working in this configuration. But worked fine outside the group.

Edit: For example, I needed the label's "value" text area width to be reduced. Which works fine outside a group, but not within a Text Input group. Currently it's not possible to alter the text width of a Text Input control; I suspect that the Input Control's css is overwriting the Label Control's css, which prevents changing the width when grouped together.

I'm running your test PR from Jan-20-2022 (very stable). So let me check again with your latest ESPUI.

EDIT: I tried the latest code update (PR #154) and experienced a couple new problems, as noted in my post on the PR. I reverted back to the Jan-20 ESPUI, so did not retest the group control issue.

  • Thomas