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Feature request: Historical Graphs From Thirdparty pages

heduobacht opened this issue · comments

I really like the ESPUI so far. The only thing i am missing is the possibility of showing a graph with historical data.
It might be difficult to solve it on the ESP32 itself by using the SPIFFS or anything else.

But it should be easy to implement it in the same way like the image which can be put on a label.
For Example using Thingspeak to store the data and then simply showing the embedded graph from Thingspeak inside the ESPUI.
It is explained here in Detail:

Then also other services could be supported via this "iframe".
I am an amateur programmer so i do not know if it is possible or not to implement it this way.

At the moment i copied the Link into a text field and open it by rightclicking on it in a new tab.

Just looking over this, your issue is a little unclear. Are you saying that this is something that you have tried but didn't work? Because yes, you should just be able to set the label to contain the iframe code. Something like:

ESPUI.label("An Image Label", ControlColor::Peterriver, "<iframe width='450' height='260' src='https://thingspeak.com/channels/250296/charts/1?bgcolor=%23ffffff&color=%23d62020&dynamic=true&results=50&type=line&update=15'>");

That should work fine?