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Nutcracker IDE (Squirrel scripting Editor)

Nutracker is an IDE purely focused on the Squirrel scripting language. Over the years I've used Squirrel on and off, but I was always put off by the lack of tools, so I've reused code from another project ( to quickly create a usable IDE for Squirrel.


Building from source

You need Visual Studio 2017. Everything else you need should be included in the repository already.

  • Build wxWidgets (dependencies\wxWidgets\build\msw\wx_vc15.sln)
    • Win32 (Debug and Release configurations)
    • Alternatively you can use the "dependencies\PrepareEnvironment.bat" batch file to build wxWidgets.
  • Build Squirrel Shell (dependencies\squirrelsh\quirrelsh.sln)
  • Build Squirrel (dependencies\squirrel\squirrel.sln)
  • Build nutcracker (source\Nutcracker.sln)

Available shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts mostly emulate Visual Studio and/or Visual Assist where applicable

Editor shortcuts

  • F5 - Starts the current script with the debugger
  • CTRL + F5 - Starts the current script without the debugger
  • CTRL + S - Save your bacon (current file) . SAVE YOUR BACON!
  • CTRL + F - Find in current file
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F - Find in workspace
  • SHIFT + ALT + O - Go to file. Start typing and it will filter
  • F9 - Sets/Remove a breakpoint in the current line

Debugger shortcuts

  • F10 - Step over
  • F11 - Step into
  • SHIFT + F11 - Step out (exit current function)
  • CTRL + ALT + BREAK - Break

Workspace management

The workspace simply keeps track of folders, breakpoints and watches. It does not keep track of any per-file specific options, or interpreter options. A quick overview on how to manage files:

  • Drag a folder into the workspace window. It will start tracking that folder
  • At the moment you can't create/rename/delete files from the workspace. You need to externally create files, then click the "refresh" button in the workspace, to synchronize the folders.
  • You can remove a folder from the workspace by right clicking it.


  • Only ansi and x86 provided at the moment. I need to refactor some things for proper Unicode support, and 64-bits. Nothing particularly hard.
  • Would be nice to have some kind of autocompletion, although that's not an easy task for a dynamically typed language like Squirrel.

A quick tour

I recorded a small video explaining the basic features.

How it looks like at the moment




Language:C++ 97.9%Language:Squirrel 1.8%Language:Batchfile 0.2%Language:C 0.1%