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Custom Kinesis Controller with Wireless BLE

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Wireless Kinesis Advantage BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Turns the Kinesis Advantage Keyboard keyboard into a wireless BLE keyboard with a few extra features. Built with Adafruit's nRF52 Feather Arduino boards.

For instructions, see the wiki. For more details on the build check out the project.

Many thanks to

  • Yin Zhong - Explains a better way to handle debouncing.
  • Stapelberg - Double mention as I ported his debouncing used in his KinX controller to Matt's firmware.
  • Matt Vilim - New firmware is a fork of his FeatherCtrl project.
  • Adafruit - Great documentation, libs and support.
  • afriggeri - The original firmware borrowed heavily from his Blanck Keyboard project.
  • Stapelberg - Michael Stapelberg's custom controller inspired this project. His PCB routing was inspirational.
  • Humble Hacker - Detailed write-up helped me understand the keyboard matrix.
  • PCBgogo - All the boards were made by these guys. Fast turn-around.


Custom Kinesis Controller with Wireless BLE


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