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Image to bit array converter (For Arduino and others)

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Image to byte array (bitmap) converter. Usable for Arduino, STM32, ESP8266, RaspberryPI, OrangePI and other controllers with small LCD screens like PCD8544, SSD1306 and others.


Download windows binary

Supported conversion formats:

  • Monochrome, 8 pixels/byte, Horisontal byte compression
  • Monochrome, 8 pixels/byte, Vertical byte compression (PCD8544 / Nokia 3310/5110 LCD)
  • Color, RGB332 (8 bit: RRRGGGBB, 256 colors)
  • Color, RGB444 (16bit: ----RRRRGGGGBBBB, 4096 colors)
  • Color, RGB565 (16bit: RRRRRGGGGGGBBBBB, 65536 colors)


  • Two-way conversion (Image-to-byteArray and byteArray-to-Image)
  • Zoom/crop preview
  • More formats?
  • Howto, About, Contacts and other info


Image to bit array converter (For Arduino and others)

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:C# 100.0%