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My custom Fritzing parts

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My custom Fritzing parts. I use these just for Breadboard views so it makes it easier to design my projects. They are NOT fully functional/correct Fritzing parts.

SVG files

To edit the SVG files, I use Inkscape (

Fritzing only accepts a limited number of fonts in the SVG file, so install these fonts in 3rdparty\

Inkscape extension

I had some troubles getting those showing up correctly on Fritzing, especially test. To solve that, I hacked a little Inkscape extension that converts everything to paths and saves as another file with the suffix _fritzing. The extension is in the folder com.crazygaze.inkscape.fritzing_export, and the entire folder itself should be copied to C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\inkscape\extensions\

Random notes

  • If a custom part shows up as red in the breadboard, it probably means not all the connectors are mapped in the parts editor.


My custom Fritzing parts

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