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The Legrand Orange Book template in Pandoc/LaTeX

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The Legrand Orange Book template in Pandoc/LaTeX.

This Pandoc book template aims to simplify the creation of books inspired by Legrand template in LaTeX (Demo PDF).


About original LaTeX template

From Overleaf:

Author: Mathias Legrand and Vel License: Other (as stated in the work) Abstract: The Legrand Orange Book LaTeX Template Version 2.1.1 (14/2/16) This template has been downloaded from: Original author: Mathias Legrand ( with modifications by: Vel ( License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Project structure

This is a very experimental version, not compared with eisvogel official tex template.

Organization is:

  • orangelegrand.latex : adjusted template
  • : example of book (without index)
  • : example of book (including index) - depends on
  • references.bib : references in bibtex format
  • : index style (only when building index)
  • Pictures folder: original pictures from Legrand template
  • makefile : commands in GNU make to build pdfs
    • make noindex : builds simpler version without index
    • make withindex : builds complete version with index
    • make: builds both indexed and non-indexed versions

Many things may need adjustments inside latex template itself.

Bugfixes are welcome. Open an Issue or PR.

Adaptations on the original

  • Merge original/main.tex and original/structure.tex into legrandorange.latex
  • Replace $ with $$
  • Include $$body$$ statement after \begin{document}
  • Build in Pandoc with --top-level-division=part
  • Add workarounds for CSLReferences and tightlist
  • Comment bibliography and index parts (doing these manually)

How to build

  • Install Pandoc
    • pandoc --version: pandoc 2.14.1
  • Install Pandoc Crossref
    • pandoc-crossref --version: pandoc-crossref v0.3.12.0 git commit 69cb296b2b7b4fb977e6a923de1b1f05eddbe06e (HEAD) built with pandoc v2.14.1, pandoc-types v1.22 and GHC 8.10.5
  • Install LaTeX
  • Install GNU Make
  • Run make

See results in dist/example.pdf and dist/example_noindex.pdf.

Build with or without index

There are two build modes:

  • without index: much simpler and pure Pandoc!
    • make noindex
  • with index: more complicated... using Pandoc to generate .tex file, and then finish work in LaTeX with makeindex
    • make withindex


The Legrand Orange Book from Mathias Legrand and Vel is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

This project template is also BY-NC-SA 3.0. Naturally, it does not apply to user content, only template and scripts.

Copyleft 2021

Igor Machado Coelho

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The Legrand Orange Book template in Pandoc/LaTeX


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