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This is a collection of Android Apps which are open source.
I believe that we can find something interesting and gain helpful skills from an open source app.
This idea comes from this project


I'll push awesome projects when I find any.
It's WELCOMED for you to star and fork this project.
If you know something that is not here, it'll be great if you could make a Pull Request.
All applications are sorted in various categories.


Name of category What's inside
Android TV Apps for Android TV.
Android Wear Apps for Android Wear.
Communication Apps like Messager, Hangout, Gmail...
Education Apps about education.
Finance Apps about finance.
Game All games for Android.
Health & Fitness Apps about health and fitness.
LifeStyle Apps about our life.
Multi-Media Apps like Google Play Music, MX Player...
News & Magazines Apps about news and magazines.
Personalization Apps about live-wallpaper, launcher...
Productivity Apps like Any.Do, Evernote...
Social Network Apps like Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Dribbble...
Tools Apps like Clean Master, Barcode Scanner, Keyboard...
Travel & Local Apps about travel or local things.
Business Apps for the improvement of your business.
CNSoftBei Apps of the cnsoftbei.

Contribute Rules

  1. Don't do evil.
  2. Don't repeat yourself.
  3. Only make one change per commit (English, Chinese)



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Open-Source Android Apps

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