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Ahoy Matey 🏴‍☠️ 💀 🦜

Killing all cognitive overhead! My challenge is to solve problems writing readable code everyday.

Who am I?

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Experience with web and mobile development, with knowledge in web design. Experience with web and mobile test automation and continuous integration. Currently works as software developer and test analyst at Instituto Atlântico since 2013, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.

7 years of experience on analysis and development of software for research projects of technology. Development, unit and functional testing, guided by quality requirements, code review, coding standards, continuous integration and agile methodologies. Also experience with automated tests for web and mobile platforms, define software test strategy and automated tests implementation.

Professional Experience


  • 💚 NodeJS
  • ♥️ VueJS
  • Java
  • 🐍 Python
  • 🚢 Docker
  • 🏃 Golang

Recent experiences

  • Software developer using NodeJS as REST API and VueJS in a SPA. Also, automating end to end test using Robot Framework. Technologies: VueJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS, ES6, SASS, Node package manager (NPM), Linux, Git, AWS, CI/CD, Docker, Shell Script, Cypress for functional front end tests, Mocha for back end tests, Robot Framework (Appium and Selenium) for End to End tests.

  • Software developer using Golang to create a set o micro services for network management running inside docker containers managed by Kubernetes. Technologies: Golang, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Shell script.

  • Software developer using Python to create a Restful API running in virtual embedded systems. Network management using Ansible. Development of Ansible modules using Python. Code review using Github Enterprise and Git. Technologies: Python, Ansible, Git, Linux, Shell script, Docker.

  • Software developer using Spring MVC with Java platform. Development of web test automation using Capybara and Cucumber ruby frameworks, with TDD and BDD techniques and unit tests using JUnit and Mockito. Development of a mobile application using Android and Gradle, mobile test automation using Calabash ruby framework. Code review using Gitlab and TeamCity. Technologies: Java, Spring, Jquery, KnockoutJS, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, Android, Capybara, Calabash, Cucumber, Gradle, TeamCity.

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Fun facts

  • I love to do hello worlds! You might see a lot of playgrounds repositories here.