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Experimental glue front-end for the Jupyter ecosystem

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Jupyter interface for Glue

Sometimes known as “Glupyter”

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Glue is a Python library to explore relationships within and among datasets. The main interface until now has been based on Qt, but the glue-jupyter package aims to provide a way to use Glue in Jupyter notebooks and Jupyter lab instead. This is currently a work in progress and highly experimental.

For some notebooks with examples of usage of glue-jupyter, see the notebooks directory.

You can try out glue-jupyter online at mybinder:


Notebooks with real data:


For now, installing should be done using pip:

pip install git+

Or from source:

git clone
cd glue-jupyter
pip install -e .


The test suite can be run using:

pytest glue_jupyter
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Experimental glue front-end for the Jupyter ecosystem



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