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An RStudio Theme inspired by Apple's dark aestheticcc.

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Mojave Dark: An RStudio Theme for Apple Lovers

Dark styles across the entire IDE, not just the editor:

Dynamic darkening of plots and markdown:

Plot (white to alpha) Markdown (invert colors)

An Xcode-inspired debugger:

Code coloring inspired by Xcode:

Mojave Dark Xcode

Installation Options

Via the RStudio Console (Reccomended):

In RStudio Preferences > Appearance, set the theme to Modern or Sky. Currently, Mojave Dark doesn't work when the RStudio theme is set to Classic. Then, run the snippet in the RStudio console to install and apply Mojave Dark.

rstudioapi::addTheme("", apply=TRUE, force=TRUE)

The parameter force=TRUE will delete any other themes named "Mojave Dark" and the parameter globally=TRUE will install the theme for all users.


First, either download the .rstheme file via Google Drive or download it by downloading this entire repository. Navigate to RStudio options (⌘ ,), then select the "Appearance" tab in the sidebar. Press the "Add..." button to manually install the .rstheme file. Finally, apply the theme as you would any other.


  • Error in value[[3L]](cond): Unable to add the theme file "/var/folders/tj/w1l6l2hj11l4kpyhv4r2p6gh0000gn/T//RtmpZTjGp2/Mojave Dark.rstheme". The specified theme, "Mojave Dark", already exists in the target location. Please delete the existing theme and try again.

Go to the Folder (⌘ ⇧ G) ~/.R/rstudio/themes and delete the file "Mojave Dark.rstheme". Then retry installing Mojave Dark.

  • Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called ‘rstudioapi’

Run install.packages("rstudioapi"). Then retry installing Mojave Dark.

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An RStudio Theme inspired by Apple's dark aestheticcc.

License:MIT License