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Split payment

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Usage: ql -s
Default = NA
Example = ql -s

Amount: $10
Category for split 1: Expenses:Food:Cheese
Amount: $2
Category for split 2: Expenses:Tips
Amount $0      ; Amount of zero stops prompt for splitting.
Prints as:  
2014-12-04 * Cheese Shoppe
               Expenses:Food:Cheese       $10
               Expenses:Tips                      $2
               Accounts:Bank:Chequing     -$12

if amount is not None:
The -t is the total and the split amount entered interactively go to the default or specified category if it exists. If a 0 is entered then the remainder is put in to a second category.
Example: ql -m SD -t 50 -s
print(Split #1: $) [user enters 35]
print(Split #2: $) [user enters 0]
print(Category for split #2: ) [User enters Expenses:Supplements]
Prints as:

2014-12-04 * Sundance
                Expenses:Groceries              $35
                Expenses:Supplements         $15
                Assets:Bank:Chequing           -$50

Closed with 98f297c