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Starter for a React Native for Web project (RN4Web)

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React Native Web

React Native for Web Starter

React Native for Web Starter aims at:

  • Providing the leanest code base to bootstrap a React Native for Web project.
  • Following the standard React Native project structure close so someone becoming familiar with React Native may quickly find its way in a RN4Web project, and vice-versa.
  • Benefit from the React community dev-tools, such as Storybook.


You can find a presentation of React Native for Web and this starter here. React Native for Web Starter

Getting quickly started

As of today, React Native for Web, let's call it RN4Web, is still pretty recent, and could use some more documentations, along with contributions.

This repo is an attempt to make it easier for anyone to launch, experiment and publish a RN4Web App.


git clone projectname
cd projectname
rm -rf .git
npm install


npm run dev - your app is accessible at http://localhost:3000

You can also enjoy React Storybook running npm run storybook and open http://localhost:9001




React Native for Web runs in the browser, hence get out of the box full dev tools supports.

In the future, RN4Web Starter may come with some flavour such as Redux and its amazing tool suite.

About React Native for Web

React Native for Web is born from the brilliant mind of a member of the React Native community. Some would say it had to happen, many reasons begging for such project to get started.

React Native tends to unify iOS and Android, and soon Universal Windows developer under one banner, sort of the Wardens of the Native.

Well, following that GoT analogy, React Native for Web is the Wardens of the Web, unifying any React developer under a common set of values.


React Native for Web Starter is BSD licensed.


Starter for a React Native for Web project (RN4Web)



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